Tinting is a great idea for YOU and YOUR CAR

We can concede that window tinting looks great, that’s a given, but here are some other reasons why we strongly feel that you should consider tinting the windows on your car.

  • Protect you, your family and your car’s interior from the suns harmful rays. Our tints effectively block out 99% of the suns harmful UV rays.
  • Eye fatigue is a major contributor to traffic accidents. Tinting minimizes sun and headlight glare which helps reduce fatiguing of your eyes. So you can enjoy a more comfortable drive and a more importantly a safer one too.
  • Privacy. Have your car fitted with the Darkest Legal Tint available on the market. Helps ensure the contents of your vehicle remain private.
  • Window tint keeps you and your vehicle much cooler in summer. No more returning to your vehicle and burning the backs of your legs when you get into the car. Ouch…
  • Adds value – for all the reasons on this page, tinting adds overall value to your car and when it comes time to sell your car, it improves the chances of resale so you get the most optimal price possible.
  • Our films are designed not to shatter. So you, your family and the contents of your car are safe, in the event of an accident, from the risk of bits of flying glass.