At Blockout Window Tinting our trained technicians can advise you on the best product to suit your requirements. We carry all the leading brands at the very best prices available. Large expanses of glass in our homes can lead to dramatic energy sapping heat, annoying glare, damaging ultra violet rays and a lack of privacy.

The Solution to these problems is the application of Solar films. Solar films now come with “Energy Stars” or WERS* ratings. These incredible films will block out everything except your view, preventing up to 80% of solar heat entering your home through the glass, cutting glare up to 92% and stopping a remarkable 98% of UV rays.

7 Reasons To Have Window Film Installed

1. Decrease Heat

Today’s window film is extremely efficient at controlling the effects of solar energy. Film can provide up to 78% heat reduction as compared to untreated glass.

2. Reduce Fading

Window film blocks 99% of UV rays, providing a sunscreen while reducing solar heat. Minimising these causes of fading protects your valuable furnishings.

3. Cut Glare

There is no need to put up with annoying glare. Whatever the cause – direct sun, water or surrounding buildings -0 there is an ideal film solution.

4. Improve Comfort & Enjoy Energy savings

Don’t live with temperature imbalances caused by areas of extreme sun or shade, which can limit use of interior space. Window film can remedy this problem and reduce air conditioning costs.

5. Increase Safety

Shattering glass is a hazard when accidents happen, or when vandalism or environmental effects cause breakage. The protection offered by window films can provide a functional “safety net” that will make you feel secure.

6. Enhance Appearance

A smart, uniform look improves the appearance of the exterior of your home or building. Several window film products can create this gratifying look.

7. It’s Fast & Easy

Professional installation is fast and non intrusive. There’s minimal disruption to occupants’ lifestyle, activities, or work schedules.